February 5th 2020 | etc.venues, Prospero House






Registration and networking


Chair's introduction: Professor Janice Morphet, Visiting Professor, Bartlett School of Planning, UCL 



Morning Keynote Address: Planning Reforms to Speed-up Delivery

  • The Revised 2018 NPPF
  • The forthcoming Accelerated Planning Green Paper
  • Permitted development and use class reforms and their impact on delivery
  • Innovative ways to speed up the decision-making process for planning appeals and applications 

Speaker: Steve Quartermain CBE, Chief Planner, Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government



Plenary address: The Challenges Behind Accelerating Delivery

  •  An overview of the current challenges for developers, local authorities and housebuilders
  • The National Audit Office 2019 “Planning for New Homes” report and what it means for build out

Speaker: Aileen Murphie, Director, MHCLG and local government VFM, National Audit Office


Refreshments and networking


Delivering Housing—Progress with Garden Communities

  • The Government’s Garden Communities Programme
  • Tapping into housing infrastructure funds
  • Good practice in creating vibrant, mixed-use places through these programmes
  • Planning the right infrastructure for communities

Speaker: Fionnuala Lennon, Head of Garden Communities, Homes England

Speaker: Katy Lock, Director of Communities and Project Delivery, TCPA



Panel Sesssion:

How do we Structure Schemes for Effective Delivery?

  • How do we plan for the right homes in the right places?
  • What are the best ways to unlock contaminated or tricky sites
  • Garden Villages and Land Value Capture to fund infrastructure
  • Brownfield vs Greenfield


Ivan Tennant, Associate Planning Director, GL Hearn


Matthew Spry, Senior Director, Lichfields

Evan Maindonald, CEO, MELT Homes

John Acres, Policy Director, the Land Promoters & Developers Federation


Lunch and networking


Chair’s afternoon remarks


Afternoon Keynote: The Changing Face of Local Authority Housebuilding

  • Removing the borrowing cap and the impact on local authorities’ ability to access financing
  • Calculating and meeting housing need in a local area
  • Meeting the housing delivery test requirements
  • Different delivery models for house building and choosing the right one
  • Increasing capacity within local authority budgets through mergers and delivery of housing vehicles

Speaker: Simon Barnard, National Head of Development and Planning, GL Hearn


People, Bricks and Mortar: Improving Construction Productivity

  • Tackling the lack of capacity to deliver the infrastructure and homes needed
  • Boosting productivity, improving quality: Supporting the uptake and development of MMC
  • MMC for affordable housing developers
  • Overcoming the barriers and challenges to MMC
  • Supporting smaller builder outfits
  • Developing skills in the industry 

Speaker: Shelagh Grant, Chief Executive, The Housing Forum

Speaker: John Synnuck, Chief Executive Officer, Swan Housing



Delivery for Communities: Winning Community Support for Housing Allocation and Development

  • Developing a better understanding amongst communities of the benefits of development
  • Engaging with Community-led housing projects as a way of winning support for development
  • Best practice for approaching consultations with communities
  • Designing proposals that benefit and enhance existing communities

Speaker: Jo Sistern, Head of Planning Communications and Consultation, GL Hearn

Speaker: Tom Chance, Chief Executive, National CLT Network 



Chair’s closing remarks



Close of conference